Some whole threads are "temporarily" closed for at least "X" days due to a "large" number of snowflake flaggings

Who in their right mind thought this would be a good idea, or an idea whatsoever? This is worse than stuff like shadowbanning, it is even gaslighting you, because it will NOT open like it says:

Someone writes something that someone else does not like and the whole thread gets shut down. For days, ultimatively subverting honest people and ending the discussion. Absolutely hilarious in my opinion, looking forward hearing yours.


The Discourse creators.

Note that most of Jolla`s employees are currently wearing sunglasses :sunglasses: :sunny: and enjoying time away from the forum and work.


Also note that your ‘snowflake’ slur/analysis is not always appliccable or accurate.

Flagging can also occur if a thread gets off-topic, and off-topic flags for posts (AFAIK) also count toward the “large” number of flags.


More often than not what I’ve seen happening was one or more individuals were trying to hijack a thread to either spread political propaganda or were generally behaving like ****.
Maybe banning them from the forum would make more sense than blocking a thread?

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Well, I do not care at all. And note that it is accurate, it is a button for special snowflakes, no rightminded person would use such a selfcrippling sign of blind obedience to the mass. If the content is illegal it must be removed anyways.

Blocking any thread is absolutely contrary to the idea of a forum, this is more about keeping people contained and silenced.

These people seem to be evil.

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Couldn’t agree more, Vince. And, to make things worse, those flags are anonymous. If they weren’t (if user names of those who flagged a post were listed like in case of ‘likes’), at least it might temper some people’s over-zealousness to flag whatever they don’t agree with, even if it doesn’t contain anything offensive or illegal.

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Same story, just reverse and softer, killing with love. The ones who do not receive the likings. I like you, no homo.

You have to remove trolls and users who are generally disruptive or you end up with all the regulars, (who were often contributing to SFOS for several years) leaving. Nobody has the time to constantly battle with a bunch of 13yo who think they have to be “edgy”. You just end up with Twitter/X :grin:


Exactly. A common disruptive technique would be negative roundabout talk, like you just (accidentally) did, citing a sentence of someone and negating it passively with an argument that has nothing to do with the content of the citation, but is near topic and easy to grasp and agree to.

Yes, you have to remove trolls and subversion. Yes, otherwise you would end up like example Y. All of that just has nothing to do with the quoted sentence, but induces a feeling to the reader that the quote is wrong. Why else would you quote it in that way.

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Ignoring incendiary vocabulary, strawman argument, and no-real-scotsman logical fallacy for now, this Forum is not a platform for general discourse or discussion, it has a topic and a focus.

Removing content that does not fit these is not censorship, it is normal and necessary for the operation of an internet forum such as this.


Well, as @emva noted, this is not a decision from moderators, but an autonomous mechanism.
From what i understand, it is meant to buy moderators time so they can deal with a manageable amount of crap the next day, instead of have some shitstorm get needlessly out of hand during the night.

It is not meant to just be left alone, and trigger day after day, at least not without some other actions (stern talkings to, timouts, bans, …).
Although, for particularly low-quality threads, i also can’t blame moderators for taking a “lol, have at it” attitude.

Maybe it is just me, but spite-flagging should not be without consequence. Because otherwise, where does it end?


There is no such thing.

Please explain.

There is no scotsman, I wrote that only idiots use the flag button, in a more polite way.

Negative roundabout talk again, of course removing illegal and subversive content is okay, locking the threads is not.

It is an mechanism, yes, but it is designed in a way to keep things strictly aligned to mainstream behaviour. Which is very, well, “mainstream”, because mainstream does not allow me to say its bad.

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Please, motivate why it is this and only this - as opposed to giving moderators a manageable shitstorm to deal with.

You lost me. You are here, saying it is bad. Seems to be going OK. I even agree that it is bad as a main tool (but think it is fine for being able to moderate during work hours only).

Alright, lets just assume there is no such mechanism and the “shitstorm” goes on, what is there the next day? How many injured, how many dead? Oh wait, it is just text and it can be deleted? How many times does it happen? How does it “handle” a shitstorm anyways, only way to “handle” a shitstorm is to not give a fuck and wait two weeks.

On the other hand you get a system where you can essentially shred a whole forum with very limited amount of resources, speaking special snowflakes, who are now capable of ruining the day of multiple people, multiple times a week, basically as long as it takes to destroy the platform. Just what it appears from the bird perspective, you see it everywhere, not only here. I was just astonished about this particular pain in the ass functionality, therefore the thread.

Actually I am just here because Jolla promised me the best fucking sailfish phone ever with the 10 III, but it is an absolute shitshow with the standby drainage bug. Thats why I signed up, to express my disgust, as an early adopter of the system.

I guess that is why the developers of this forum implemented such a “wait a moment” mechanism. The thread and people self-corrects, this works.

Obviously this can go completely in the wrong direction also; that everyone is flagging everything and NOT ONE thread survives. BUT this forum has VERY little of such cases, I can remember 1 case in the three years this forum has lived.

Therefore I think that this forum works fine, and that the people who are here are fine too :slight_smile:


I totally can understand your frustration about things, that does not work. I see your point, that you paid for a phone and an operating system that does not behave and performs the way, you want it to. And I know, that can be very frustrating. I totally understand that you feel a little betrayed. But I kindly want to ask you to filter your expressions a little bit, because you express your frustration nothing will change. It will not help jolla to investigate more time or effort into the problem, if someone is expressing his emotions.

You can find a very high amount of threads in this forums as well as in the old forum with authors having the same intention like you have. And you can see some supporters defending jolla and sfos at well.

But it will not help the technology to become better. If you really really want to have your problems gone, just investigate into the problem, find things were you can help. Write a non emotional bug report (or if there already exist one), collect logs, etc.
In this whole eco system there are plenty of people putting really a lot of efforts into sfos. That’s the reason I kindly want to ask you to be a bit more polite. Just because of the respect for the persons spending a lot of free time into these projects, forums, etc…


They are not anonymous, the mods can see them and react / say something to the individual (or the bot) that flagged.

Emmmm. What??

I do not think so, I see it more as learning (forum) etiquette, it is polite to take your plate to the dishwasher / sink after dinner, so someone does not get all the work.

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Alright, dont know the history, but two of the two topics I am interested in at the moment are locked:

It is not meant to help, I am not here to help.

The system is a piece of shit as it is at the moment and spending your free time for a shitty result does not earn you respect. Spending time does never earn respect, maybe if you spend time in ice cold water, okay, but most of the times its the result that counts. The result is garbage.

I am a polite person, I usually never make use of ad hominem and try to be as correct and precise as possible.

They can, yes. But if there are mods there is no need of such an oppression system.

Evil. They designed a communication platform with the thought of shaping every discussion to be as mainstream as possible, that is quite evil in my opinion. They missed the post counters though, they usually are very important for a call to authority in a forum.

Good boy. You know Pawlow?

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The closest thing I know is: Pavlova (dessert) - Wikipedia

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The concept for which Pavlov is famous is the “conditioned reflex” (or in his own words the conditional reflex ), which he developed jointly with his assistant Ivan Tolochinov in 1901 (although Edwin B. Twitmyer, at the University of Pennsylvania, published similar research in 1902, a year before Pavlov published his). The concept was developed after observing the rates of salivation in dogs. Pavlov noticed that his dogs began to salivate in the presence of the technician who normally fed them, rather than simply salivating in the presence of the food. If a buzzer or metronome was sounded before the food was given, the dog would later come to associate the sound with the presentation of the food and salivate upon the presentation of the sound stimulus alone.

The dogs want the food. You want the heart. You will manipulate yourself in order to get more hearts, your posts therefore will reflect that. You have been manipulated into self silencing.