Some posts and comments lost

No harm done! Thanks for clarification!

TBH, the VoLTE thread is quite noisy, so that was a perfectly reasonable assumption to make :slight_smile:

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haha, exactly! id be willing to bet good money that olf would have complained worse if they hadnt said sorry.

devs make mistakes, especially when operating under conditions of pressure and partial information.

upgrading the forum without testing it on SFOS browser was an error, but not a big deal; virtually no one uses the SFOS browser as a daily driver when far more mature alternatives exist. (aliendalvik vivaldi/chrome/bromite, the native forum app, or breaking out a laptop). the browser could have been improved and hotfixed, with instructions to upgrade posted on the main forum landing page, etc etc.

deleting the comments instead of devising a better solution was, of course, a much more serious mistake, but that mistake was made in a stressful situation, with ONLY bad choices. the (unfortunately incorrect) decision was made without malice, and received a public apology.

though i DO still say that a “ATTN: POSTS+COMMENTS LOST” pinned post was the least that should have been done after so serious an error. (it STILL wouldnt go amiss, IMO. several of the posts i was commenting on during those days still dont exist again.)

While I do understand that some people have happily flagged this post, I believe it is obvious to you @808, that “it so clear that the Jolla team test absolut[e]ly nothing” is really far off and untrue. Thus please refrain from writing such nonsense publicly, especially not in Jolla’s own forum.

But you do have a point with the statement: “maybe we users are the QA team”
Although not “maybe”, you, I, we all are part of Jolla’s quality assurance team; this is one of the reasons why this forum exists: To channel bug reports and other feedback to Jolla.
(Another reason is to leverage users helping users in order to offload Jolla’s SailfishX support team.)

Thus my suggestion is to accept your role (resistance is futile, any way) and play it responsibly. :slightly_smiling_face:


LOL: Making decisions and taking action deliberately (here: deleting 30 hours of forum interactions) and then stating the classic phrase “We apologize for the inconvenience.” for me is a way of saying: “We could not care less.”
While I do not know if sailors, specifically Ville, are aware of that, be assured that anglo-american companies mean that, when they say or write that. It might be a introductory statement to chop your head off right after that. :wink:


Don’t take us too important. You are so unfriendly.

(I’ll kick out all those negative forists in a heartbeat, go buy Android, go buy iPhone! Do you think these companies would give a shit about you? So please behave better! It’s frustrating every (few) times I visit here to read so much negativity :heavy_heart_exclamation:)


Any chance we could get a blog post with a postmortem?


Thanks for telling me what you think I know but mate… look at the state of this os today…look around you. People are not making up lies…people have real issues.

Some say roll back and try a reinstall…thats a scary prospect.

Also what better place to call out bad software then at the source.

Look…II hearhear more from users when iyt come to help then I do Jolla… let me guess…our issues areare not important enough to address with some patches…If we are the QA team where is the reward for our effortsefforts?(see what my phone did there… thats poor QA friend)

In Jolla’s 2022 vision statement the talk about nothing we their users have asked about oror reported… so again… why shouldn’t we criticize these people???

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Thank you Jolla Team for this supplemental release. message app is no longer crashing after close. I have about 45 mins in on this patch as of now and all seems well.

So for now thank you for making the phone usable again.

I appreciate it.

I hope my brother’s and sista out there that were having the same Issues I reported are now in a better place as well.



heh, i just noticed that you said that to ME and not olf or 808 as i had previously assumed.

you’re right, my initial comments here were out of line. i did apologize in an edit in one of my comments, but ill say here that i wish i had been writing with a clearer head and a friendlier hand. i was (unreasonably) angry and (reasonably) frustrated, and my rudeness was uncalled-for.

thanks for rightfully calling me out on it, ill do better in future


I have had many Sailfish OS devices since the release of Jolla Phone, and the Messages app has been working pretty much fine in all of them. I agree with what olf wrote a few posts up - Jolla does a lot of R&D and collaboration, just check the public repositories (but beware the rabbit hole). Furthermore, I have purposefully put myself in a position of a beta tester; I have ticked the Early Access checkbox. In that sense, some users really are part of the QA team!

We all have to be friendly, well, polite at least. It’s hardly ever someones intent to release a buggy piece of software to drive people up the wall! Hence the unfriendliness can’t really be targeted to anyone (without proof), but it still affects everyone. Don’t get me wrong; the app clearly doesn’t (didn’t?) work right in your device and that is an issue that should be fixed. All I’m saying is accusing Jolla of releasing intentionally buggy software doesn’t help anyone, change anything, nor fix the issue.


So is there a different app we can use?

I assumed you were referring to the Messages SMS/MMS application which comes with every Sailfish OS application. Is it that application that’s crashing, or some other?

Edit: I found the bug report and it’s the Messages. No alternative apps to choose from, as far as I know…

Yeah the native application…thats the one that crashes. I also left a bug report on the issue.

This is what I mean about testing and no QA testing. Basic functions must work.

On this one I aa willing toto accept it may be unique to my phone as it started happeninghappening out ofof the blue as they say.

WhenWhen (you see all this double typing thats the os…make it hard to be friendly when your phone software is going nuts and the devs do nothing forfor months… !

whatwhat I was trying to type was that when mms was not working the messagemessage application worked…when I got mms working then the messaging application started toto ccrash… and when.the message application failsfails I getget all thisthis double typing… this message is aa demonstration of the issues in real time.

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