Some "new" icons - part .2 The first ones

OK, the icons are here.

  1. I think I did a fair job with the licences: each icon design has its own, depending on the original one. Yet, please if you feel something is not right let me know.

  2. Some are still missing: work in progress.

I remember someone (Hi, @turmelus1!) asking for a description on how to “install” them. My ignorant way is to copy them in their respective folder. The icons are generally named as they are in the phone. One should copy them without the type and size part, and that’s it. The main differences are where they go, and that Jolla icons only come in one size, so they have to be copied once.

  • Jolla icons go in /usr/share/themes/meegotouch/z1.75/icons/ (I think: I have an issue with my phone at the moment, and I cannot check).
  • All other Sailfish icons go in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/00x00/apps, each in the folder of the respective size.


Jolla icon

cp /path/to/unzipped/folder/icon-launcher-name**.type.172**.png /usr/share/themes/meegotouch/z1.75/icons/icon-launcher-name.png

Other icon

cp /path/to/unzipped/folder/harbour-name**.type.086**.png /usr/share/icons/hicolor/86x86/apps/harbour-name.png


  • as stated, I do not remember the whole paths with certainty. Double check first.
  • you may want to backup the original icon first: it would be the safe way in order to be able to revert if needed:
cp  /usr/share/icons/meegotouch/86x86/apps/name-of-icon.png /usr/share/icons/meegotouch/86x86/apps/name-of-icon.png.bak

Please upload and maintain these icons on some public SCM, e.g. or

  • The storage is permanent, not volatile.
  • Changes are tracked.
  • Release versions can be tagged and offered as an archive (.zip and .tar.gz).
  • You can add a proper README (in Markdown or as simple text), which is displayed on the project homepage.

The Jolla icon directory actually depends on device.

Jolla Phone is…


Jolla C is…


Xperia X, Xperia 10 - 10III is…


Other devices may be yet another directory. The above is just the ones I can check.