[SOLVED] Xperia 10 ii and 5G?

A friend of mine just got an Xperia 10 ii which I’ve installed Sailfish 4.1 on.

However it does not detect a 5G network despite being in an area with 5G coverage.

Is this because his sim card might be too old or are 5G simply not supported in Sailfish on the device yet?

The Xperia 10 II does not have a 5G-capable modem, only the other II:s do AFAK.

Whilst Xperia 10II not 5G compatible Xperia 10 III is.

Oh thanks for the clarification. Glad I didn’t buy it then. Maybe I should just replace the battery in my XA2 instead of upgrading and wait for Xperia 10 iii support when through it might gonna take some time.