[Solved] Music player for FLAC

Can someone please help me find a media player that will handle flac files? I’m ploughing through openrepos finding old unmaintained apps. I want to keep 50GB on the sd card or usb otg, nothing spotifyish. TIA

unplayer supports FLAC. Is IMHO the best player, anyway.

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Jolla’s native media player also supports flac seamlessly. Perhaps you need adequate codec, for example https://openrepos.net/content/lprnext/flac-jollaphone-x-xa2 or https://openrepos.net/content/r0kk3rz/gst-libav-codec-pack

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I had tried unplayer and I liked that’s it’s simple and uncluttered. So tried again, browsing from the usb otg files and choosing an app from the shortlist when asked. Worked. But from within unplayer I can’t browse to the usb. I’ll get a 128GB sd card soon but it seems the problem will be the same. Thanks for your help.

Objectifnul, thanks! For some reason I didn’t have Jolla’s media player installed and didn’t think to look there. Works perfectly. I knew the solution would be staring-you-in-the-face simple.

There should be ‘flac’ installed by default after mediaplayer installation, so no need for third-party codecs (here).

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I have a card full of FLACSs in my phone and the default player handles it fine. As long as USB OTG works (files get indexed) it will play them fine from there also.

No need for other players.

In fact Unplayer works too but the SDcard option is only shown in the pulley menu if you select “…” from the browsing options first. All in all the default media player seems best.