[Solved] Moving Sailsync owncloud on new phone

I have been using Sailsync on my old phone, and have synced files from both the phone memory and the SD card.

Now I have moved to a new phone, and have moved the SD card there too.

Does anyone know how I best can activate Sailsync Owncloud, on the new phone for the folders on the SD card, without all the files on the SD being duplicated (either on the SD or my cloud)?


If the sd card’s partition id is unchanged, you could simply copy sailsync’s sqlite database. The paths are the same, no sync needed. Only paths in phone memory have to be sxnched.
It’s also possible to use some sqlite queries to export sailsync’s configuration from the old phone, and import it on the new one.

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That was my theory, but at that time I was unable to find the database, in the meantime I have found it in the .config directory.

It did work as you predicted, thanks.