[solved] App development - customization of QML ComboBox possible?

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if there is an option to customize QML ComboBoxes in SF since styles or delegates seem disabled. For instance while it is possible to change MenuItems’s fontSize (items rolled out), can one change fontSize for displayed value of ComboBox as well? So far it always shows in Theme.fontSizeMedium. And secondly, can one add an icon to MenuItems which is also displayed as value? Thanks for your hints.

It’s all QML so you can do what you want within reason; but those changes would mean your App doesn’t follow the UI guidelines/look as it should and might look a little odd.

You probably need to look in ComboBoxController.qml but more likely ValueButton.qml and create your own custom component.
(That’s if it’s the closed value label you’re talking about)

But again, highly not recommended to break the guidelines.

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I tried to customise it years ago, but ended up making a custom one: https://github.com/tanghus/currency-converter-qml/blob/master/qml/components/CurrencyCombo.qml
Maybe they have made it more inheritance-friendly now? idk.