[Solved] Android App Permissions on Xperia X

Could anyone advise whether it is possible to edit Android permissions on Sailfish X on an Xperia X? (If so, please help!? :pleading_face:)

Whereas the following are likely useful for other SFOS variants, as Android app support on the Xperia X runs only to Android 4.4 they are not suitable here:

  • Aliendalvik Control - provides permissions function for Android 8.1+ apps
  • Simple App Launcher - requires Android 5+ to install
  • Other third-party options requiring a higher Android version to install
    (Credit to Leszek Lesner for his video on first two.)

I found an app on F-Droid here which suggests function from Android 4, but I can’t find supporting evidence for stability/security of this random app and am nervous to install from untrusted sources otherwise (ironically would be less concerned if I could control app permissions!)

These posts suggest a possible method but the discussions seem to trail off with sadly not enough clues for me to reliably piece together.

Perhaps the answer is just “No, you cannot.” and that’s a bummer. But either way hopefully someone can advise for myself and others in the same boat. :+1:

NB If a mod. feels this is not a beginner topic, I won’t object to it being moved :slight_smile:

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Forget about the links above.
Maybe try PermissionRemover, see
the link is hidden in a comment from darvari.

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Thank you, @peterleinchen and apologies for the delay: it seems that my Android App Support decided to stop allowing installations (no reason I can think of). Eventually re-installing the App Support was required before I could install any more APKs - took me a while to work that out (I’m trying to learn, honest!).

Not sure if I should post this somewhere as a fault report or just let it go now it’s working, but instead of installation of an APK I was getting the dialogue ‘Install blocked | For security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources. | Cancel | Settings’. Android App Support (and phone) re-start did not resolve, only re-installing Android App Support (+phone re-starts to be sure). Anyway, fixed now.

As for the recommended App at http://www.plop.at/de/android.html, it appears to be working, so YAY on that - thank you!

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