[solved] [] [X10 II] tracker - high cpu load - is it normal?

Four days ago I noticed that the process tracker-miner-fs-3 generates a high cpu load.
The app crest permanently shows a cpu load between 40% and 70%, most time around 40%.

On my Xperia X crest shows less than 2% with 4.3 and also after updating to
Unless it is an 32bit device and the X10 II a 64 bit, I think this is too much.

Can anyone confirm this high cpu load on a X10 II with SFOS ?

Thanks in advance.

It is normal of it’s for a short while.

All the time is not normal.

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Okay, I found a solution not only for that problem.

Executing in terminal tracker3 reset -s removes the index database of the system.
From this moment on, the cpu load of the process decreased to 1,8% after a few minutes.

Fortunately, the apps gallery and documents now also start.
So this problem is also solved.