[Sold] Xperia 10ii, used sparingly

So, having just found a good deal on a 10iii and as I only use this phone for testing I’m selling the 10ii. I purchased it as a return (was practically new) in May of 2022. It’s been full cycle charged about 22/23 times. It has no visible scratches or damage of any kind. I has been used to test software I release on an ‘official’ device, since there are differences with the ports. I did use it a couple of days in France last year to test GPS. Given the rate I’m killing Gigasets I need to sell this :open_mouth:

I’d like 100 Euro + shipping. It comes with all the original stuff, as pictured, and 2 cases one of which I modified a bit (extended the cutout for the fingerprint reader 2 mm). Pictures below.

I am interested! I will pm you! :slight_smile:

I’ve marked this as sold since I have two interested parties already. Thanks!

I’m also thinking about going to 10III for more RAM, and could sell my daily driver 10II. I’ve been running it with a protective sleeve, case and screen are in perfect shape.

Already have X and XA2 sitting on the shelf… can’t fit any more of these :smiley:

100 € + shipping sounds good, I have original box etc. Even VoLTE works. Any followers that were interested in poetaster’s can DM me.