[SOLD] Xperia 10 III

Hi everyone !

I got a Sony Xperia 10 III for sale that I bought on November 2021 and flashed on late August 2022 with the latest version of Sailfish OS. The device was my daily driver until then and works perfectly fine, however I’m leaving the Sailfish shores for now as I’m getting a Light Phone and I don’t need it anymore. I would be glad to sell it to a fellow Sailor !

What I’m exactly selling is :

  • Sony Xperia 10 III, black color, mint condition. SFOS is already installed on it. A screen protector is set on it til day 1 and is still going well. Comes with all the accessories and his box.
  • A batch of screen protectors, Spigen AlignMaster, brand new.
  • A protective case, black color, Spigen Rugged Armor, mint condition.
  • A microSD card, Sandisk Ultra, 256gb. Already formatted to work with SFOS.

Price : 280€ + shipping. Located in France, near Paris (Chartres). Contact me via PM for more infos !

Important note : I’m not selling my SFOS licence with it, you’ll still have to buy one if you want the Android Support. However, the price of the phone + accessories + microSD card + licence would still be cheaper than a brand new Xperia 10 III all alone, and maybe even an used one. :wink:

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The phone is sold and not available anymore ! Thanks again to all the Sailors who wrote to me.

I know it is sold, but I’d like to ask, where did you get that screen protector?

Here my friend : https://www.amazon.fr/Spigen-AlignMaster-compatible-Résistant-Protection/dp/B094J98Z87

Very good screen protector, takes scratches like a champ !

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Much appreciated, friend!
Alas it’s not available in the US </3

@LSolrac Check these out…