[SOLD] Sony Xperia 10 III for sale (blue)

Hello all,

I would like to offer here a Xperia 10 III in blue. I bought it used, I unlocked, flashed and tried. Unfortunately, the form factor does not suit me. Otherwise, I would agree with the statement on Jolla’s blog: “We’d go so far as to say it gives the best Sailfish OS experience of any of our devices, by a wide margin.” The assessment is subjective, of course.

The phone is in very good condition, with only minimal signs of use. It was bought by the previous owner in July 2022 for 399€, who passed it on to me in November 2022 (according to him, because he is more into iPhones after all) for 280€. Anyway, I’ve used the phone for maybe 20 days since then.

It has the “free trial version” installed because I don’t want to give away my Jolla account.

My asking price is 210€ including shipping within Germany, for shipping to other EU countries we would have to talk about the modalities.