[Sold] Sony X Compact with SailfishOS installed

I did sell my spare Smartphone Sony X Compact in black (its more like dark blue, see pictues below) because the XZ2 Compact Community-Port pleases me enough as Daily Driver. I used it with a own Sailfish Xperia X Licence and it had the latest SailfishOS Update running until i reset it to factory state which bring it back to 4.3 (Suomenlinna). I cannot sell the License, so you have to buy a new Sailfish Xperia X License, if you need the features bundled with it. A new original Sony Battery was installed 2021 and a DBrand-Sticker was put on the Backcover.

The Hardware is completely working, i dunno like to let it lying unused in my Drawer. The Body is in good condition, some small and decent scratches but thats all. I would like to sell it for the cheap Price of 50€ plus Shipping but under the condition you use it with SailfishOS!


Interested, if you can ship it to Asia

I can let it ship to everywhere, the Question is how much it will cost, maybe more than this Unit has Value.

The other Question: will the GSM-Radio of this Phone work in Asia with the Frequencies there?

I have a request from another Member of this Forum who is interested first per PM, i wait his Reply/Action, until then this Smartphone is reserved.

The smartphone is availble again

Smartphone is sold right now, thank you for the attention.