[sold] Selling Pinetime Smartwatch

Hello Sailors,
this is not a Sailfish device but one of the few smartwatches working under Sailfish OS (and currently out of stock).
I am selling my rarely used Pinetime Smartwatch. It’s about a year old and I used it for roughly two weeks only. Found out I am not a smartwatch user, so I better sell it now. Very good condition. No display scratches, 2 light scratches on the rear side. It worked well with my Xperia 10 and the Amazfish app. Comes with box and charging station. Latest Firmware (1.9.0) is installed.

Including shipping and taxes I paid around 70€ in the pine64 store. I am open for fair offers. I am located in Germany, EU shipping is possible.

The watch found a new owner and is no longer available. Thanks!

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