[SOLD] Jolla tablet for sale

I have decided to sell my jolla tablet. Im hardly using it these days, so hopefully will go to a happy home. The battery (although not great anyway) and screen are both fine and it has the lastu wood/leather case that I got with it.

Im not sure of the best way of doing the transaction. Im in Sweden but I guess I can ship from here to most places- however I haven’t lived here long and post seems to be expensive.

Reply privately if you want to make an offer and I can send pics if you want, or post in the thread if you have questions



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Sorry to hijack your post (or maybe it will help you sell it faster), but I found this link for anyone who wants a NEW Jolla tablet and they live in Germany and have a lot of money :slight_smile:

€900 :open_mouth:

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“Kein Branding”, so they’re actually selling the Taobao tablets and not the real Jolla Tablet.

Jolla Tablet had some branding on it? I ask because I have never saw one. Thanks!

Yes, it looks just like the Jolla Phone except it’s bigger. Even the battery has ‘Jolla’ on it.

The picture on the link shows the Jolla logo on the Backside of the tablet. So if the picture is from the delivered tablet, it is a ‘Jolla’ tablet (i mean a tablet that was produced for Jolla :wink:)

E900,00 are you kidding?

I could sell my Indiegogo first batch NIB (new in box) Jolla Tablet for a cool €900 :grin:. Receipts and all included. Never opened, plastic wrapping untouched.

The tablet is now sold by the way. Thanks for everyone who replied