[SOLD] Jolla C from Belgium

Hello everybody,
I’m selling my (old) Jolla C, I ordered it during the second batch in June 2016.

I just replaced it with Xperia 10 under Sailfish OS to get a bigger screen and more hardware ressources especially for Android applications. So my Jolla C becomes useless and someone else can probably continue to use it.

The global state is not bad. The battery can do the job for 1-1.5 day for my use case which is not really intensive. The original screen protection is a bit overused, so the protection is striped. The screen has a little yellow halo at the right. I don’t know what is the root cause, it appeared 2 years ago. It is visible on the pictures, especially when the background is white. But it is not an issue for a daily use from my point of view.

All devices work fine: original battery, LED, front and rear cameras, audio (speaker, microphone and jack port), Bluetooth / Wifi, GPS, microSIM slot, microSD slot, volume / power keys, USB, 2G, 3G and 4G.

The phone will be sent with its original box (and 2 Jolla’s stickers included) and with its case. The case is not specific for this phone, and is a bit overused also. The purpose is to protect it when the phone is in a bag or when you are moving, because you have to extract the phone before using it. USB charger and wire are not included.

The device is obviously reset, so the current Sailfish OS release is based on 2.0 version.

Pictures are in attachments.

My price is 20€ + shipping costs.
I live in Belgium.

Let me know if you are interested. Don’t hesitate if you need more details.

Jolla C’s box

Jolla C

Jolla C case

Screen halo on the right

Hi Renault, I will keep it , was needing one, can you send it to Portugal ? Let me know how you want me to complete purchase, thanks !

Normally in European Union it wouldn’t be a problem to ship it to you. The shipping costs would be more expensive for you.

Contact me by private message if you want to continue. :wink:


Sure thing, just did, please check it, thanks!

Hello. Is the device still available?

I’m sorry but it’s already sold :wink:

Hi Njoroge,
I would have a Jolla C, which I no longer need.
Condition is good, without much wear and tear. The original Cardboard is already in my hand.
If you need some pictures, I can send you few photos.

My price is 40€ + shipping costs (preferably within the EU).

greeting p1rat

Exactly what I am looking for. Let me send you a direct message.