So long, and thanks for all the fish

I’d never ever say something like that, by all means.

1: 2 step verification ad absurdum
2: in Europe? Good if they still have. But EVERY bank has a cardtan, it’s just that most employies never heart about it. Most times you can even change it in the online portal. Talk with their CEO.
3: Not gonna happen and a very very bad idea with an unlocked device

Nope. I know of two banks in Finland which have the device. My bank has informed that it will provide one “at some point in the future”. Sounds familiar if you talk about roadmaps. :wink: Soon :tm:

3: Not gonna happen and a very very bad idea with an unlocked device

So, doesn’t this mean that every single app run and installed in SFOS is generally a very very bad idea?

I know what you mean, and there is actually a way to create a native app for banking for many Finnish banks. Samlink Open Banking. And for example Zaster Banker is a good app, which has initial support for PSD2. Too bad @Ygriega hasn’t had time to maintain the app or develop it further to support more European banks.

If you mean Google Maps, it’s working in my XA2. The GPS doesn’t fix instantly like Android phones, but it works after a little wait. There’s some annoying notification bug I need to investigate, though.

As for bank apps, I’m glad that mine (Santander) works, but I prefer to operate through their website.

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You can try microG. Not perfect, but it let those apps work.

What are you using for Google services? Using MicroG, on my XA2 Plus Maps complains about Google Services not being updated and then quits.

MicroG on a XA2. I remember it was tricky to install, but I followed that guide every one of us (I guess) had read:

I remember that message too, but apparently Maps didn’t care and kept working fine.

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@Beethoven, I just read your comment and it´s kind of funny, because most of the apps you mention (Maps with GPS, Spotify, Signal) are available for Sailfish over Openrepos. Different from the Android apps but working.

  • “Whisperfish” (Signal) is in early developement but already functional.
  • “Hutspot” (Spotify) is working quite good.
  • “Pure Maps” is a really, really great navigation app, and with “OSM Scout Server” App installed, with offline maps.
  • “Meap” is a simple map app with GPS and GPX support.
  • “OSM Scout” has also offline map support.
    Haven´t you tried them yet?
    What you don´t get is a Bank ID App, that´s true.

But give all the great apps I mentioned a try.
Good luck, broncheolus.


Google Maps’ main advantage over open navigation apps is traffic display (jams, accidents…). For pro drivers, it’s a must have.

I guess you don’t know about Waze (which is what provides traffic data to Maps) then.

In Pure maps you can use here maps. On here maps you can see traffics. I don’t know if this traffics are used for navigations


So that ‘Qui’ in the options of Pure maps is the translation into Italian of ‘Here’.

Guess wrong, I know it. But I said “open navigation apps”. Anyway, before Google adquired Waze, they were already displaying traffic in Maps.

@atlochowski, very interesting. I’ll give it a try.