So long an thanks for all the fish #2

Hi folks,

I made a hard decision and switched to Android, so I will cease all my Sailfish OS related activities.

On pootle I was a community translation reviewer, I asked around on local forums to see if someone would like to take it over.

I have a couple applications on openrepos:

Presage stuff already moved under the sailfish_keyboard group (was kept there for migration and compatibility purposes) and was not any movement in past couple of years.

The most of the community translations already on pootle, in the case if someone wants to build a language pack the instructions on the github page.

Maybe the SMS contact and text share plugin is the thing what was used by other folks, but it is broken since the Jolla redesigned the sharing infrastrcture.

In the case if anyone would like to take over some of the stuff there let me know!

Many thanks for everyone who aided me with the Sailfish journey, it has been a hell of a ride!


Thanks @martonmiklos for all your contributions, good luck and a happy new year 2024!

Rhank you flr your work, and I wish you strength for living on the Android shores!