Sms sent in X minutes (bug in messages app)

REPRODUCIBILITY: Always, when daylight saving time is off
HARDWARE: does not matter (tested on multiple phones)
REGRESSION: don’t know


when i send a message (as in sms) and solar time (also know in us as daylight savings) is on, timestamps in sent sms are "sent in 59 minutes / or sent in whatever minutes till an hour is passed, then the correct time is set
it does not happen when time is set on legal time (+1 daylight savings)


Have a phone number and of course send a message


  1. open the sms app
  2. sent a message while daylight saving time is off
  3. see timestamps saying that message is sent in an hour


message should be set at eg, 14.50 13.30 or anyway till an hour passes, 30 minutes ago, 46 minutes ago whatever and not sent “in X minutes”


What was the outcome? E.g. “The app closed” or “The message was not shown”


openrepos, chum


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Have you messed with the time zone definitions? Did the time handling change at new years, or why are you reporting this now?

It seems your phone and the network doesn’t agree what time it is… And unless a time zone definition update is due, i don’t see how this could really be a SFOS problem.

It is quite confusing when you use direct translations from whatever the terms happen to be in your language. The terms are “DST” vs “Standard” - and doesn’t basically all countries have standard time in the winter?

Theres a lot of date related stuff going on in /usr/share/jolla-messages/pages/conversation/SMSMessageDelegate.qml.

With time and date handling in JS being as terrible as it is it’s quite possible some cases aren’t handled correctly.

Reported now cause i found the time to do it

Didn’t mess with anything and also don’t have any patch installed, just basic things enabled on the date and time setting:
Automatic time update, automatic timezone (set to europe +1) and 24 hours format, that’s it, all basic stuff

Test was done with another friend from the italian community, who didn’t notice this until i made him notice, and i guess it’s an unknow bug cause very few people uses sms nowadays (and i’m one of these of course)

My Xperia 10 III receives SMS but does not send them, it gives a generic error saying unable to send.

Sounds unrelated to this bug report.

But there are other topics, especially VoLTE-related ones, which talk about similar issues.

SMS will not be sent when 4G calling had been activated on 10iii. (It did work on my 10ii half a year ago.)
Work-around: disable 4G, notice the message is sent immediately, enable 4G.

Totally having the same bug on my Xperia 10 dual sim!!!
Same language and same Time Zone, only on received sms.
It says always received like in 59 minutes as you’re in the future.
Please fix!
ps: I have a 10 III too, I’ll try to load on it 4.4, to see if this applies only to 4.5 or is platform-wise

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Just to clarify: time zone is CET and you live in italy? What happens if you switch to English?

I confirm this. It has started (or I noticed) a couple of months ago. And just with messages received from one contact. Havent messed with timezones or anything. Phone language is English. I am still on Verla
Now, I also live in Italy, as seem to be others who confirmed. Maybe related? And maybe good specify the network too: I am on Iliad.

I’m actually with ho-mobile, althought i don’t think it really matter

Still, as per last message on here, seems like english has the same exact problem, with the same timezone