SMS Says 'Sending....' forever but message actually sent

@crun, for me this did actually help, on Xperia 10 iii.

It says “sending…” but has not actually sent the message (unlike the OP).

The following workaround seems to work:

  1. Deleting the message
  2. Switch from Mobile Network >> Prefer 4G to Prefer 3G. Wait a few seconds for the change to take effect.
  3. Re-send the message
  4. After it is sent, switch back to Prefer 4G

Not sure if it will work for anyone else.


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I noticed the “Sending…” happens when either side has connectivity issues (network unreliable in some areas of the building) and it sometimes takes a long time for the message to be delivered, and the network never sends the acknowledgement (or SFOS ignores it if it takes too long, I don’t know). The problem for me is in these situations, the Message application does not show a timestamp so the information about when I sent the message is lost.