Sms/MMs application development

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i am a web developer but intersted in the C++ Sailfish OS development. I would like to play around/develop a sms/mms app. Need some guide lines to where I should start. The API documentation on jolla site is too broad. I looked up on android that have a smsMessage class that can directly send messages through from the application for both mms/sms. Is there a class like that in Sailfish OS? Any advices is apprieciated.



You probably want to look at the Ofono DBus interface:


Thanks. That is good information. I am looking for examples now.

By Sms/mms app do you mean app that handles incoming and outgoing messages and all that stuff, or just wants to send an sms to some phone number?

Generally speaking we don’t have public interfaces to handle a full-fletched sms app and it’s restricted for the system. In practice it goes around commhistoryd/libcommhistory, telepathy, nemo-qml-plugin-messages etc.

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Hm… How do I say. Like android apps, they have many sms/mms applications that can be set to send the message. They just need implement the messageSenderClass(I think that is the name), of course permissions as well. Sailfish MMS can’t do a group chat via mms like U.S messages apps do, but it is using broadcasting to each receipient.

My goal is to create an mms application that can send messages to receipients as a group chat via mms. You said that there is no public interface for sending and receiving messages? Yeah handling the outgoing and incoming messages.

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as far as i know:

  • there are no alternative sms/mms apps for sailfish.
  • the jolla-messages app for SFOS is closed source and proprietary
  • there is no cookie-cutter api that a UI could plug into similar to android to make such an app (i dont think the dbus apis are robust enough to make a full-fledged messaging app, but i could be wrong)
  • there are no sensible projects to base yours on to get started quickly (maybe one of the many native wrappers around a different messaging service like telegram or whatsapp to get started on the ui?)

if so, you have your work cut out for you. here are a couple more potentially relevant repos that are open source, fairly accessible to code in, and easy enough to compile.

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Thanks a lot. I will take a look that those two repos. I also found that there is an apl called Shared SMS plugin but older Sailfish version, I might get something interesting from the code there, too. Appreciate the helps.

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