Smartbanking for sailfish

Hmm. Maybe it’s a problem with MicroG then? As I need that for some other apps to function correctly, it would be problematic to decide whether to use it or not in favour of having the bank apps work. But I don’t know if that is the case. Probably the apps don’t work without MicroG installed either?

The apps complain about the device being rooted.

SecureGo Plus behaves like S-mobiili:

  • XA2 just hangs
  • 10 II opens the “rooted nag” webpage
  • Volla/GS290 with Waydroid works

I am not very skilled in Android things but I remember this was several times discussed on the forum.
If the search engine here doesn’t find, it jelps sometimes using e.g. Duckduckgo or google with
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