Smartbanking for sailfish

It looks like you are assuming and that’s the whole issue here : People really need to stop doing that! :wink:

Another issue is that people have the urge to use their phones as some kind of storage device that holds every damn detail about their lifes! :frowning:
So stealing the phone or simply the data on it can be a very lucrative business… :wink:

My advice to everyone walking around with a phone : Consider it as a toy and nothing more than that!

Maybe things will change one day but for now it’s really nothing more than that : A TOY filled with all kinds of silly apps!


Of course I’m making an assumption - that banking apps on phones are pretty safe. And I also offer some reasons why this is likely to be the case.

You are also making an assumption, that banking apps on mobile phones are inherently unsafe because

If this were really true, that other apps could see and simply harvest your personal banking data from their banking apps, then (a) wouldn’t we be seeing global headlines, scandal and fraud being perpetrated on a massive scale by now? and (b) wouldn’t the banks have done something about this by now to make sure it wasn’t possible any more?

And if you have knowledge and evidence of such data harvesting from banking apps on phones, wouldn’t others have this same knowledge and evidence also? I’m sure you’re not suggesting that you are the only one who has this knowledge and evidence, so why aren’t these issues all over the media?

On one hand you tell people to stop making assumptions about a subject, whilst at the same time making assumptions in the opposite direction about the same subject yourself. That’s not entirely reasonable is it?

As for your

I think millions would disagree with you. A lot of people would consider a mobile phone to be a very useful tool that makes modern life just that little bit easier.

I read an article recently about banking in India. Because of the distribution of the population, and the fact that there are very few physical bank branches, and the fact that those bank branches are often in large cities and therefore far too remote for people living in rural areas of India to get to, mobile banking has become an indispensable tool for keeping the rural economy going.

Similarly, in politically oppressed countries where overt communications can often lead to imprisonment or other punishment, the convenience of secure, encrypted communication apps provided by mobile phones can often, literally, offer a lifeline to people in those situations.

Hardly a toy filled with all kinds of silly apps then.

By all means hold whatever opinion you want to.
By all means offer to the community whatever opinion you want to.

But please don’t put it across that your opinion is the only one that counts and everybody else should fall into line with what you think. Fair?


The same thing is going on in the EU for example :

  • Offices are disappearing!
  • People are forced to use their mobile phone and some crAPPy app!
  • And NO…
    Even a PC or Laptop is not beeing promoted at all as the alternative : Mobile phones and those damn QR Codes are! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :expressionless: :roll_eyes:

Also have a look at the features list of Android 12 or one of the recent iOS changes :
Why do you think they are FINALLY starting to seperate apps in a Container/Sandbox like way ?! :wink:

I am not saying all these things because I think they should be this way or that way : It’s simply the situation at the moment and people should be VERY CAREFULL about their data footprints on their devices!

Sadly… most of them… are not… :confused:

Well, first of all most of the people hanging around here most probably are very careful about their data or otherwise maybe wouldn’t go the Sailfish path (just an assumption of mine of course).
Now the dilemma:

  • Unfortunately we all need some bank account.
  • For security reasons many/most/all banks force people to use some kind of 2FA
  • Some of the older 2FA methods have been considered insecure (for probably some good reasons)
  • A lot of banks go the app-path for 2FA and are refusing to offer alternatives
  • Unfortunately the banks don’t offer native sailfish apps for 2FA

Some possible solutions:

  • cancel the contract with your bank not offering app-alternatives (like separated card-readers/token-generators and that kind)
  • run the app with your sailfish phone that (AFAIK) sandboxes each android app

Unfortunately the banking apps consider the sailfish device to be untrustworthy and this should have been fixed with SF 4.3. Somehow it isn’t in my case.

So if you can’t find the banking app somewhere…

On Play store there is an APK extractor/exporter app. On an android/play phone (e.g. a friends phone) you can use that app to export the installed banking app as an APK file you can copy across to the SF phone.


… or you can simply use Aurora app to do the install of any Play store app.

Unfortunately there seems to be another mechanism in place that verifies the installation source of the app. Some banking apps refuse to operate saying it was not installed from Play store (i.e. by the Play Store app).

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Well, I have an ideal solution especially for you:

  • A phone that doesn’t have any CrAPPy apps
  • A phone that doesn’t leave any kind of data footprint whatsoever
  • A phone that you can’t revolve your whole life around
  • A phone that won’t even allow smart banking on
  • A phone that you can treat as a silly toy
  • A phone that doesn’t have a ridiculously large screen
  • A phone that cannot be hacked because it doesn’t even connect to a modern phone network

And this phone is … [drum roll please] … the Western Electric 51 AL model. Enjoy :wink:



And no, it doesn’t support VoLTE :grinning:

And no need to charge the battery every day :wink:

Operator: please try again later, we’re changing the tape

Hey man, you are right. I found bank app on aurora store.
Thanks a lot !

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The Triodos app downloaded from Aurora Store does not work on my XA2+ in 4.2. I cannot log in because it says: no network, which isn’t true.

Could this be related to the fact that AlienDalvik often looses connectivity when you switch wifi access points or from wifi to mobile or vice versa?
Have you tried to restart AlienDalvik and tested you app again?


Thank you for your reply. This is very unlikely, for I am at home most of the time. Probably something with AlienDalvik?

Sorry, didn’t see your suggestion right at first sight. This helped indeed: after restarting the app works. Thank you!


Sad to read such a post on a forum that’s about an OS that is focused on privacy… :expressionless:

Also I think you have missed the fact that everything is VoIP these days so that won’t work without a SIP ATA :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes I have got the feeling that all people want is Android with a fancy skin on top instead of Sailfish ?!

One of the developers of PostmarketOS made a nice blog about it : Do you really want Linux phones

Seriously :

People really need to realize what they want BEFORE they consider something else than Android/iOS on their phones! :wink:

I seriously doubt that a lot of times when I read this forum or any other similar forum about some alternative phone OS :wink:

All banks that I know of over here support such alternatives and can be used without any issue in a regular browser! :slight_smile:

WE… THE PEOPLE… should decide which banks we use and how we use their services!

Not the other way around!

And not on a simple device such as a phone! :wink:


Bumping this question once again. Is there any solution for this by now? It was said to be fixed in 4.3 but it didn’t work (at least for me) and it still doesn’t work for me with latest SFOS The app I need to use is “Secure Go” ( I install it via Aurora Store, but when I try to run it, it stops working and redirects to a webpage complaining about a found “Jailbreak” or “Root”. This really sounds like the problem we had before 4.3 and that was supposed to be fixed with the release if 4.3.

Anyone knows, what to do?

Sorry I cannot help alas on this question. Too few Android knowledge.
But IIRC, some people were talking about microg and/or play store… did you try that?

Just to say that if/when my Bank would/will force me to use an Android app, I will change bank.
It is not yet illegal but works are on the way to EU to make laws in that sense IIRC. I think I saw an article in that direction…

I installed SecureGo to try. I have microG and it doesn’t work either. I think it’s a common problem on other android ROM like /e/ or LineageOS too.

I have microG installed, yes. This fixes some Apps relying on Google play store/ Google services. But that’s another problem.