Slower fast scroll on long lists

Bare with me on this, as I’m not 100% sure how this thread works.

But, this is a request I put in ages ago (I can’t remember if it was here).
When dealing with long lists, for example, selecting locations in the weather app, there’s two double arrows at the right of the list :arrow_double_up: and :arrow_double_down:. When you tap one of these the list zooms to the top or bottom and goes blank until it gets there. If the item you want is in the middle of this list you either whizz past it or you have to scroll…scroll…scroll your way to it.
Would it be possible to implement a second icon with the two double arrows that either makes the fast scroll slower so you can still see the items as they scroll by, thus stabbing the screen to stop it as soon as you see the item you want? Or even implement scrolling one page at a time, each tap scrolling to the next page. Probably something like this = Slow scroll icons could be :arrow_up_small: and :arrow_down_small: and the single page scroll could be :next_track_button: and :previous_track_button: rotated 90degs.
Any alternative ideas welcome.

There is already the indexed modes, like in in Contacts/People, and the Gallery.
It is however up to apps to make use of them. I have doubts about how much good it will do for the OS to override or shoehorn some fancy new scrolling mode(s) into apps.

For some apps it could be very costly to actually load content, maybe not only computationally, but it could well count towards API usage limits as well. The OS all of a sudden automatically loading all content with close to no user interaction could have unwanted side-effects.

No more buttons in the UI, please. Gestures are great.


Why don’t they add the useful fast side bar in the browser too? would be so cool :slight_smile: