[Slovak] Preparing for inclusion in the Sailfish OS release

I would like Slovak language to be one of the officially supported languages of Sailfish OS. With the help of @sledges I translated all the phrases. I assume that not everything is translated in accordance with mobile terminology (I work mainly on Win/Linux).
I hope that the Slovak language will get to the next version after (3.4.?). I don’t have much translation experience, so I would welcome volunteers who would like to help me with that. I have the authority of a coordinator for the Slovak language.
I suggest using the Czech keyboard CS also for the Slovak language SK (unless copyright prevents this?). I have been using it for a long time together with the unofficial Slovak translation (Storeman) and I am satisfied with it.


The unofficial Slovak translation is pretty outdated (from 2016) https://openrepos.net/content/xmlich02/jolla-translations-sksk

In the case if you need packaging of the more recent pootle translation just let me know.

Thanks for the offer, but I don’t know how to provide you with the translated file from https://translate.sailfishos.org/sk/.
The translation is done for version 3.4. After its publication, it would be possible to test the correctness of the translation on an unofficial translation.

Thanks for the offer, but I don’t know how to provide you with the translated file from https://translate.sailfishos.org/sk/.

Don’t worry about it: we put together some scripts which downloads the necessary files from pootle for packaging.

The locale code of the Slovak language should be sk_SK right?

I don’t know, it can be also sk. What is the difference between sk and sk_SK? As far as I know, the Slovak language has only one mutation, SK.

It’s best to include the ‘_SK’ part, sometimes not including it can cause some software to behave in strange ways.

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One question what I forgot to ask:

What string would you like to see in the Language list? Slovenčina?
There is a field for the country name as well but I think for it Slovensku is the correct term.

Anyway I generated an RPM with these well educated guesses, you can install it from openrepos via storeman:

Enjoy and if you need updated one for testing or something needs correction just notify me with a mention.

Cheers from the southern neighbourhood!

Yes, Slovenčina is right.

I don’t know this, I have to see it, but I think it should be Slovensko.

Before installation, do I have to uninstall the old version https://openrepos.net/content/xmlich02/jolla-translations-sksk?

Thank you, southern neighbor :slight_smile:

I couldn’t wait, I uninstalled the old ones, installed the new ones according to your instructions and it works! :slight_smile:
Some phrases are in English (previously they were in Slovak). I’ll check the translation, but I assume the IDs for version 3.4 have changed (I have 3.3). I will have to wait for its release.

Good job, @martonmiklos, thanks!

Hi @martonmiklos,
I made some corrections in the translation. Could you create an updated slovak-community-translation-jolla package, please?

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Updated package can be found on openrepos.
Have fun!

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Thanks, its nice. :slight_smile: