Sliders Switches and Next/Prev page indicators

Sailfish has some really nice icons (dark/light line ones not the app ones) and also has the gradient with dots in the background style for things like the sliders switches and next/prev page indicators (and a few others) which don’t look as well as the rest of the OS.

So my request is to change those elements to fit the style of the rest. It will make the os much more modern looking and down right prettier.

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Good point! Hadn’t really thought about it, but those glowing things are starting to show their age somewhat.

Are you suggesting replacing the glass effect graphics with a flat design? Like the luminosity slider from the top menu?

personally I think the glassy look is very elegant, very characteristic for Sailfish and would advocate for a mondern spin of that rather than a conversion to the pragmatic ‘material flat’ paradigm.


In my opinion, those elements actually look pretty good on high DPI screens, they just look a bit dated on lower DPI screens like that of the Jolla 1.

The luminosity slider doesn’t fit the dark/light line theme of the rest. And it must go in order to be consistent with the rest of the OS. And also the switch style of the top menu which is not the “default” SFOS switch.

As for the glassy look it looks dated to me. I really like the dark/light line approach of the secondary icons and is also something unique to SFOS. (the app ones also look dated but that’s another topic)

Those “glowing things” are essential elements of SFOS.

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