Situations-Installation: High CPU usage / problems (

Hi, my first intention was to save battery by disabling primary Wi-Fi at unused times (see → app-idea “Pause”.
After a completely new installation of ‘Situatons’ I discovered in the morning that the battery emptied twice as fast as without
Situations and Wi-Fi disabled manually.

I observed, with ‘htop’, that my CPU-usage seems to “explode” regularly.
Usually I see behaviour like picture 1:

Every 10-15 seconds I can see for some seconds something like picture 2:

→ A for me unknown conflict produces a very high CPU usage (?).


  • Wifi, BT: enabled
  • Situations: “Pause” (see link above) enabled to save energy

Further steps:

  • deactivated Situation
  • rebooted phone
  • error message, if starting situations

For the moment, I removed situations again completely from the phone. Perhaps I’ll try it with a newer Version of the app /sailfishOS.

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Hi - could you install sonar for situations? I updated today also to but now the Situation app could not fund sonar. This service is responsible to switch off WLAN ect. You can see the sonar app in the Information sheet of situation. If its not right insalled the instalation button is highlighted.

Hi, please read here forum