Situations-Installation: High CPU usage / problems (

Hi, my first intention was to save battery by disabling primary Wi-Fi at unused times (see → app-idea “Pause”.
After a completely new installation of ‘Situatons’ I discovered in the morning that the battery emptied twice as fast as without
Situations and Wi-Fi disabled manually.

I observed, with ‘htop’, that my CPU-usage seems to “explode” regularly.
Usually I see behaviour like picture 1:

Every 10-15 seconds I can see for some seconds something like picture 2:

→ A for me unknown conflict produces a very high CPU usage (?).


  • Wifi, BT: enabled
  • Situations: “Pause” (see link above) enabled to save energy

Further steps:

  • deactivated Situation
  • rebooted phone
  • error message, if starting situations

For the moment, I removed situations again completely from the phone. Perhaps I’ll try it with a newer Version of the app /sailfishOS.

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