SIP on Sailfish/Aurora with s1p

I think they accepted US credit cards too, at least a few years ago.
The only thing that they did was geo blocking their store but it was super easy to circumvent in Opera browser thanks to it’s built-in VPN

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The OperaVPN is not very privacy-oriented… Or so I’ve heard.

Well, the connection to Jolla will be https on top of that. If all you want to do is trying to purchase a license I would not be too worried.
I would not use it for anything “serious”, though. :slight_smile:

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You have a point there.

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@unmaintained why can’t Jolla just integrate your SIP integration? I understood that your App would just be the tip of the iceberg, and that in order to use it with VoLTE, Jolla would need to built all the rest under the hood of our Sailfish OS devices. But at least this could be the way to go. There is already a solution it just has to be adapted, lets go for it. I understood that we could also live with 2G telephony and 4 G Internet, but if there are solutions, why stick with a temporary solution :slight_smile: Thanks for your hard work!


@unmaintained Thanks for s1p, I have gotten v 0.9.6-1 going on with 2talk voip, so now I have a long-distance phone option from sfos.

A couple of bugs and I can’t find the issues tracker.

  1. Issues Tracker menu item does nothing (also I can’t see an issues link on openrepos)

  2. No contacts show up . I am expecting to see normal contact list with phone numbers. Is this a permissions/sailjail thing?

  3. When there is a space in the phone number
    eg “+1 989 1234567”
    then when I press the green phone button, it says “Call”, but nothing happens, and the hangup button does not respond (have to close app).

  4. In call history, pressing a number does not make a call, you have to press-and-hold then select call. This is different to the normal phone app, so I think they should behave the same

  5. In call history, I press-and-hold then select call. It goes back to the call screen, but does not pass the number back to the dialler screen

  6. after making a call, the hangup button does nothing (have to close app)

  7. settings → account description is not saved

fixed in 0.9.7 by removing issues tracker

Yes, SFOS no longer allows 3rd party apps to access the contacts database, copying it over to a different directory may help:

devel-su cp -r ~/.local/share/system/privileged/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite/contacts.db ~/.local/share/harbour-s1p/

Removing spaces from the phone number may help.

Correct. Convincing Jolla to change the phone app may help.

It does not pass it into the text field but should start the call regardless.

Most likely a SIP signalling issue which I won’t be able to address without a SIP trace.

Should be fixed in 0.9.7

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What a pain. Whisperfish is able to use the contacts (tested), so you might be able to copy it.

Indeed. But since the phonebook numbers do contain spaces, s1p should strip them, (or warn of an invalid number)

I’ll send them a quarter of dolly mixture.
but while we are waiting…

It happened on long calls that had several dropouts (call has no audio for n seconds, then resumes), but not on short calls.

Since this is also what happens when you put a space into the number, then ensuring that the hangup can still work in that case, might fix the other case. [Closing s1p and restarting it resumes operation OK]

The way Whisperfish accesses contacts is through QML and an unsupported API. It’s anything from perfect, and may not be a preferable approach. As far as I know, Jolla committed before to keep the contacts.db file more or less intact for third party apps, but apparently they’re breaking that promise now :frowning:

Hopefully when the firejail system becomes more polished with inclusion of permissions for all apps it might be accessible again for those apps who are granted access to contacts.

Well, it’s technically still intact just not containing any contacts :slight_smile:

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I think these will be just two completely different causes that culminate in the same outcome, like e.g. s1p losing the call status for some reason.

Well, right now you have to copy the contacts over every time you add/edit a contact but I guess it’s better than nothing:

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Well, I’ve learned something interesting . . . contacts.db only contains contacts I’ve manually created on the phone or imported from contact card entries. None of my sync’d contacts from gmail are in that db. I guess that’s why they’re not backed up and restored with SFOS backup, either . . .

But now I can see my (local) contacts thanks unmaintained’s work-around, so that’s good! I also realize the Jolla contacts database doesn’t have a field that can be used specifically for a SIP address and there’s no way to enter into a phone number. So that’s not quite as good, but I guess a Jolla problem, not really a s1p problem. Bummer.

Thanks to unmaintained for the continued updates so s1p. At this point I think I need to investigate using other service providers with it besides linphone as a backup in case volte support doesn’t materialize in SFOS before 3g goes away, soon™.


If there is another field that is accessible to the app I could maybe add that one, too.

There’s a field called ‘Note’ that accepts free text like: “”.

Do I understand it correctly, you need the complete string to be saved as is and is not just the sip domain of the service your phone is registered to?

Have you already tried dialing either john.smith or from s1p and did either of them work?

Sorry, that wasn’t clear above. If I’m logged into linphone with s1p, just the username works fine without the domain ( when dialing another linphone user. I can dial and connect successfully with s1p that way.

Interestingly the contacts app seem to be able to display SIP addresses if they’re imported from a vcard, there seem to be just no way to edit them afterwards.

FN:John Smith

Yes, that is in (ERM: out) since Jolla started (let me think/calculate: some almost decade?).
I have lots of old imported contacts with ‘instant messaging’ detail which is displayed but cannot be altered/entered :frowning:
You could export a VCF, modify it manually and re-import (or even modify the contacts.db directly)! How user friendly? But as one cannot really make use of it…

If you would now make use of this field in S1P then above workaround would be the only option(s).

In earlier times (Jolla1/C) one could even use the native messaging app to chat via jabber et al. I still have a few remnants of conversations as memory in my messaging history :wink: