Single-instance applications and taking parameters

So to the best of my understanding, apps wanting to be good single-instance citizens can/should register for getting a dbus call instead of simply being pushed to foreground. This is done through these .desktop entries:


Is there any documentation for this? (I’m finding nothing, but i’m clearly bad at looking)
Is it allowed in store?
If i want to have this behaviour from the command line (or a QProcess), presumably there is something more accessible than implementing that logic yourself?
I would have assumed invoker does that, but i can’t quite see it from the help.

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I just implemented that logic manually. It is not much effort and should be harbour compatible: src/harbour-konheko.cpp · master · Nheko Reborn / Konheko · GitLab


Nice, that should indeed be compatible.
Might end up going that way depending on what comes up.

And i was going to say that this will interfere with deploy/start from SDK getting the latest code… but per definition any solution would do that i guess. :slight_smile: