Single exchange account not working after successful setup

After upgrading my XA2 to 4.0.1 my two exchange accounts worked pretty well for a couple of hours with multiple mails received and contacts being synced to the device after manual re-sync and reboot.

Later I got an error, that one of the accounts ( is not setup correctly (“Konfigurationsfehler”) - without actually changing anything in the accounts. After it didn’t fix in a while and after some reboots, I thought it might be a good idea to remove the account and set it up again. Since then I’m getting the (German) message “Konto wird aktualisiert” which should be something like “Updating account” or “Account is being refreshed” when trying to browse the mails. Its there for a couple of hours now.

There are some other things that seem worth mentioning:

  • It seems the whole account is broken, as neither contacts are being synced.
  • Auto-Setup of the account works, and discovers using port 443 and SSL enabled. I think these settings worked before the initial error
  • Setting up a second exchange account (from a university) works like a charm, the problem is only there for the outlook account
  • Actually if I intentionally break the server setting, the behavior doesn’t change
  • Deleted, rebooted and setup both accounts multiple times
  • Uninstalled “E-Mail” as well as “Microsoft Exchange” using the Jolla Store, rebooted, reinstalled both again, including deleting and setting up the accounts
  • Removed all contacts that were still on the device
  • Changing the server-settings in the account doesn’t help either
  • Trying to sync the mails makes a exclamation mark appear next to the outlook account saying “Konfigurationsfehler”/configuration error
  • After trying to browse the outlook account, both outlook and university account say "Syncronisationsfehler/synchronization error, although the university account syncs perfectly when browsing the mails

As you can see from the description I’m not a Sailfish-Pro, but with a little advice I should be able to some debugging. Any help is appreciated, as all contacts are gone, which is pretty limiting for a phone :slight_smile:

Update: It fixed itself somehow.

A little more detail:
After still showing the “Konto wird aktualisiert” this morning (and all night) I had little hope. Doing a reboot didn’t help either. But then suddenly, about 15min after the reboot the account started syncing again. Mails, Contacts, everything works just fine. I have no idea what the actual issue was, but not changing anything to make make the issue appear and disappear makes me assume a server-side problem. Still there must have been something else, as sync worked on other devices for the same account…

It could be the phone is trying to often to connect the server and got banned for some time.

In my case I gave up on exchange sync. It worked in the beginning and then the company upgraded to newer corporate exchange version and it stopped, because of auth failures resulting in locked account.

Sounds reasonable. In this case there should be better diagnostics on in the Mail-client.
The problem you mention above, could be related to comments in the Microsoft Exchange “app” in the Jolla store. It seems to miss oauth2 sign-on.

Yes, could be oauth2 related - it is a pity. The whole experience with Sailfish OS is a degraded quality compared to N9, however the benefit is that I do not have to use Android or iPhone :smiley: - a curse and a blessing