Sim Not detected in new android support version

It used to detect Sim in device in Android 10 version of Android Support but since the upgrade I am not able to use few apps.

Please tell me a workaround to downgrade aliendalvik without downgrading OS and please also add this feature in newer android support. Thankyou

What apps are showing the error?

Payment Apps as all UPI/Banking Apps here first checks if SIM is inserted in device or not. I am using Paytm and Sbi Card application both saying same thing that you have not inserted a sim card.

What These 2 apps do is just check if SIM is there or not which used to work on Android Support 10 but Most of other banking/UPI Apps in India also sends One SMS from the SIM to verify it which used to work in Android Support 4.4 many years ago.

I don’t think that’s possible at all.

It’snot a “feature”, it’s something that used towork and now doesn’t.

You need to concentrate on solving the problem, not asking for a magical fix.
The first step is always troubleshooting.
Please give us something to work with.