SilicaListView erratic scroll behaviour when appending to model

I’ve happened upon this weird behaviour recently when adding ‘load more’ option to the viewer for this site, when calling list.model.append from a pushupmenu, every now and then the listview will scroll automatically to the bottom (anywhere between 20-50% of cases). The only version of my app that seemed to be immune to this was also pretty ugly with pushupmenu attached to the flickable parent (not even silicaflickable but I digress) which caused the highlights to be visible even when at the top/middle of the list, but as it doesn’t happen reliably can’t be sure it wouldn’t happen with just lower probability. Anyone more experienced could point me to the cause or a fix?

edit: At this moment in time loading more in latest view goes: keep position (no scrolling on first load more), scroll by two threads on second, scroll to end on third. Reliably at this point in time (probably will change with different number of threads being returned, also seems related to tweaking visibility of pushupmenu, as last load when it goes visible:false seems to scroll to last 99% of the time???), just weird


Ok, I think I found a workaround - manually calling pushupmenu.close() seems to remove it completely (or so it seems for now). I guess this is what sfos documentation meant by bounce back animation interfering:
However, this may interfere with the action desired as a result of menu selection. (