SilicaListView - background for item


i have a SilicaListView which contains some enties using Sections.
However there are also sections that do not have data. For those
sections i would like to have a dummy entry (with only blank data).
however i would like to have a background (svg image “No data” text
roatated 45 degree) for those special items.

THe normal item consists of a row which contains a column with some more
rows (see screenshots).

The question is now - how can i tell the item to have a background
svg background image that is properly scaled using the full size of the

currently it looks like this:

this is how it is supposed to look like:


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Have you tried Image with visible:false, if any of the items in the column has something to show?
[Edit:] And the image and the column would be on top of each other. The height of the delegate item would be
height: image.visible? image.height : column.height. Or perhaps the row height. Do you need the outermost row?