Signal "SMS support going away"

Signal (currently version 6.10.9) is reporting that SMS support will be going away, and wants me to select another application to take care of them. I have no idea how I’ve managed to make Signal my default SMS handler (at least according to the AlienDalvik environment?), but of course it hasn’t really been doing that — SMS messages go to Messages as is normal with SFOS. And now that Signal wants to be rid of SMS’s, there is (as far as I can tell) no working way to hand this responsibility over to another application.

Suggestions, anyone?


I don’t know, I’d install something like Simple SMS and hand that support over to that.

Or maybe just denying SMS permissions for the Signal app helps?

I suggest doing nothing. Signal can end it’s support to what ever it is, and that’s that.

There’s no need to do anything afaics.

This was probably a feature that worked on Android only, in any case it never worked on my SFOS phone and I’ve been using Signal for ~2 years.

In other words, SFOS sends SMS messages, always did, and will continue to do so even if you use Signal.


The reminders of Signal are annoying me still, too. So I tried today to install “Schlichter SMS-Messenger (Simple Mobile Tools)”, like @nephros suggested.
Here my screenshot, tht SMS should be handled by the new app. I hope I’ll get no further reminders of Signal, because I couldn’t solve that within Signal, like @ExTechOp wrote above.