Signal restarts occasionally

Does anyone else have the issue of Signal (currently version 5.46.6, but also with earlier versions) restarting every few hours, even with the phone sitting unused on the table? Every time this happens, you get the same kind of sound as when Signal starts up, but cut short and also the display comes on for a moment. Does someone have ideas what is going on here, does the wifi keep fading, or is this some operating system app killer in action?


What device, OS version and typical Internet connection do you have?

Currently Sony Xperia 10III and SFOS (Vanha Rauma) but this has been going on with earlier devices (Xperia 10II, Xperia XA2 Ultra) and OS versions as far back as I can remember. Typically I notice it when at home or at work on wifi, but I think it occasionally happens also when out with only mobile data.
I really have no idea how one would go about debugging this kind of fairly rarely happening things, suggestions?

It could be the backup Signal does. You could try to temporarily disable it, or schedule it to nighttime, for example. Other than that, I have no obvious ideas.

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I have the same on the Xperia 10 II and At first I didn’t even know that it was Signal, because the screen just turned on, but sometimes you get a glimpse of a Signal notification.

That sounds just like WhatsApp making backup or informing you that a web browser client is (still) connected. So annoying…

Please check Signal notifications settings in Settings > Apps > Signal > Android settings etc. and disable unnecessary notifications. (This helped with WhatsApp.)


Thank you so much, I totally forgot about this.

It’s probably the ‘Hey, the connection got lost temporarily, but we have reconnected it for you!’ notification (which is quite annoying). It can indeed be disabled via android notification settings (I thought it could not, but I just did it).

Thanks! I’ve also now disabled the “background connection (~3 notifications per week)” and “other (~4 notifications per day)” settings for Signal, hopefully this will keep unnecessary bleeps away. I suspect most of mine were in the “other” category, but unfortunately I have no idea what that is.

Fits for me too, thanks.

Good to hear it worked! When you’re sure that was the culprit, don’t forget to mark the thread as solved :slight_smile:

I’ve now marked this as solved with @direc85 's answer. It also removes the annoying startup beep Signal gives, which is an additional plus.

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