Signal-Installation with Aurora-Store: Scan of QR-Code

Hi, I just installed Signal and want to share the experience:

  • Installation via Aurora-Store, granting all privileges, ok
  • Restore Backup from an Android phone, ok
  • pairing with existing Signal-desktop on pc → didn’t work at once, because the QR-picture was not scanned (although the camera focused the picture)

I tried the installation several times, and it took me some nerves to find a solution:
After a new installation, I had to send a picture with Signal to any account. Only now the permission for Signal to “galerie” is asked for, which I could grant now.

After that I could scan with the Signal-App the QR-code shown on the pc.

To send a picture with Signal - before scanning the QR-code - was necessary (on a Xperia 10 III).

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Congratulation, you played yourself.