Signal : impossible to receive a call or launch a call

Hello sailors

As i said in the title of this post : impossible to receive a call or make a call with Signal with my X10ii but also with the XA2 of my wife. For video calls we have just the video stream but no sound at all despite verification of the parameters in Sailfish OS but also in parameters in Alien Dalvik/Android (authorizations, sound level …).

Signal is on the last version on two smartphones : 5.34.4 (download with Aurora Store) and our phones are on Sailfish OS

We make few calls, so i don’t remark if the problem is since the or since the last update of Signal.

Have you the same troubles ?

Thanks for your help

Did you use Wifi ir mobile network?

There have been some changes to AppSupport in 4.4.0 Vanha Rauma to improve video and audio call support when using Wifi (which may be what @WT.Sane is getting at too).

So, while this isn’t guaranteed to fix the problem, it would be useful to know whether upgrading to 4.4.0 fixes the problem once it’s available for you.

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Both : wifi and mobile network.

Yes may be, but before the 4.3.015 or the 5.34 : Signal woks well on our smartphones.
I hope that the final 4.4 will be release soon for all.

I tested with Signal and Threema:

Wifi GSM
Signal - -
Threema - +

Signal did work on GSM at one point in time.

Well… the problem was not Sailfish OS but the 5.34.4 version of Signal. This morning, in Aurora store a new update 5.34.5 arrived. After install i tried a video call with my sister, and the call was “perfect”. So we can closed this thread :slight_smile:


Great. Thank you. I will try tonight. :slight_smile:

And Signal always works after the 4.4 Sailfish OS update :slight_smile: