Signal app and Whisperfish doesn't work

Forgive me - I speak very little English, I use a translator. Hardware - XPERIA XA2 Dualsim, software - SFOS 4. 0. 1. 48. Problem - Signal on Android doesn’t work, Whisperfish 0. 6 doesn’t work. On SFOS 3. 4 I used Whisperfish and it worked fine, after installing SFOS 4 it stopped working - symptom: websocket status - disconnected. The signal app on android crashes when sending the activation code. I’ve been trying to solve the problem for 2 months now, running out of ideas. Help!

Wybaczcie - bardzo słabo znam angielski, używam translatora. Hardware - XPERIA XA2 Dualsim, software - SFOS Problem - nie działa Signal na Androida, nie działa Whisperfish 0.6. Na SFOS 3.4 używałem Whisperfish i działał dobrze, po zainstalowaniu SFOS 4 przestał działać - objaw: status websocket - rozłączony. Aplikacja signal na androida zawiesza się w momencie wysyłania kody aktywacyjnego. Usiłuję rozwiązać problem już 2 miesiące, zabrakło mi pomysłów. Pomocy!

Do you use any sort of filtering software, addblocker or proxy?

No, just the DuckDuckGo browser with addblock.

Could you maybe try to use the same Signal account on another device? Maybe encryption needs a reset? Whisperfish had some issues with encryption resets in older versions.

On an Android device, the same account works without a problem

Works! I removed Whisperfish and all configuration files, installed sailfish-components-webview-jb53103 via terminal (previously installed by Storeman), installed Whisperfish by Storeman, registered and works.

Działa! Usunąłem Whisperfish i wszystkie pliki konfiguracyjne, zainstalowałem sailfish-components-webview-jb53103 za pomocą terminala (wcześniej instalowałem przez Storeman), zainstalowałem Whisperfish, zarejestrowałem i działa.

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Then I am running out of ideas. If reseting the apps or deinstallation and reinstallation do not help you might want to ask @rubdos. He knows everything about Signal

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Oh… Bad timing on my side. I did not see your post above.

Feel free to immediately tag me when issues are posted! Closing the feedback loop tight is really important to keep the quality of the app high.

Glad that the WebView and reset fixed your issue, @jerzylangowicz.


How did you go about to remove all configuration files?

Terminal does not understand zypper in my case, so I cannot follow the instructions for reverting and reinstalling webview.


Martin Book

I uninstalled whisperfish, removed the directories:
I downloaded the rpm package from:, I installed in the terminal.
Access to contacts on phone and group v. 2 does not work