Signal alternate icons in SFOS work

Starting with Signal 6.21.3 you can camouflage the app by using another icon (like “News” or “Weather”).

I immediately tried on an XA2 with Sailfish OS, and it eventually worked.

For a nervous moment I couldn’t open the app anymore, but after a restart (and some more moments), the new app icon appeared at the bottom of the app grid (just like after the update with its new handling of Android icons).

In a way, the Sailfish droplet shape is now a second layer of camouflage…

Just wanted to let users know in case they’re wondering what might happen.

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The Sailfish-Utilities from the Jolla-Appstore are a good help in those situations. No need to reboot the Device, just use “Restart Homescreen” (i hope its named like that because i use german language)

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