Show errors when account sync fails

I know it from Google accounts, but I am sure its the same for all accounts. If sync or some parts of sync fails, please notify about the error.

Current situation is that it may sync a part, but fail for another. You may notice after days that something went wrong but must enable logging and so on for analyzing. If sync last too short, you ask yourself: it is working?


Yes, this would undoubtedly be useful functionality. It’s not straightforward to get working well though. For example, you don’t want a notification every few minutes when your calendar syncs telling you yet again that the same thing failed this time as failed last time.

I think it’d be good to have @dcaliste involved in the conversation here, as I know he has thoughts on this too.

For IMAP mailboxes it’s often the same, syncs very slow, but does.

As @flypig said, I don’t think that notification for a background task is desirable.

What I suggest instead to get the information is to be able to look at the sync logs in a way that is synthetic and convenient for the user, thus in the UI. Another possible feedback, for calendar sync at least would be mark out-of-sync events and allow the sync to continue on errors.

All of this I’m actually working on:

@flypig also worked on the Google sync plugin to allow sync to continue on particular sync fqilures :

What @flypig suggested as a feedback for logs is to centralize in a list, like the transfer list, every sync results. I’m very much in that direction myself also. Various of the above mentioned merge requests should allow this. Hopefully the open source parts which represent the core of the changes will go in the various projects in the coming versions. The integration into the UI may take a bit more time, but I can provide an ugly app doing the job as soon as the open sources pieces will be officially distributed.

Please, comment or give your opinion on this so the developement can be influenced and improved before being accepted.


I haven’t looked into PR yet, but sounds very well!

I also often see connection problems with shared Google calendars in Gnome’s Evolution.
So resilience would be very good. And an easy way to check if it is generaly working.s

I skimmed the Google 's and UI’s merge requests and looks quite well.