Show caller's company from the address book on the incoming call view

Title says all. I tend to have several persons with the same name in my contacts list, and I do not know which one is calling. As a workaround I could have add the company name to the name of the contacts, but you know it is a workaround and not a solution.

I looked after patches, but it seems noone solved this issue in the past.


Temporary you can solve it by adding photos to those people

From 2016:

5 years later, nothing.

Highly disappointing, Jolla, to say the least. Isn’t B2B where the money is?

Dope, I thought that someone else had this pain in the past, but I had to admit did not searched the TJC posts properly.

Anyway I think it’s time for patching!
Looked around the voicecall-ui-jolla and found out the following:
calling/IncomingCallView.qml has a person member which got filled from the callerDetails of the telephony object which lives in the VoiceCallManager.qml.
In the VoiceCallManager I have not been able to trace where the callerDetails got filled.
It is even possible that all contact details are present there, however I do not know how could I run it to see the command line output (a console.log(callerDetails) would reveal if the company details are present or not).