Should we use comments on Pootle more?

Possibly this applies to German only

I was wondering : shouldn’t we use the Pootle comments feature more for communicating about different angles and suggestions for translations?
Having read the latest community news covering the translation community of SFOS I realized that often I find myself reviewing strings and accepting or declining suggestions ‘on a hunch’.
While it may be the case that most of the time my intuition and grasp of the UI context is good it may as well be that I’m missing some aspect.
also, for some suggestions an explanation of reasons when accepting / declining would help both for future reference and for translators, showing their work isn’t just disregarded without consideration.

Until now I only rarely added comments to translations strings. and was unsure if anyone actually saw them.
while I’m mostly posing this to my fellow translators for German (@maus, @nephros, @Seven.of.nine, @pawel.spoon, @Raymaen, @cvp) feel free to comment even if that’s not your language :wink:


Didn’t know about this feature in pootle. It’s really useful. Thanks.

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Yes, comments are fine. I would find a more complete glossary usefull. In the end I care more about consistency then perfect translation

yeah, that would be nice. As far as I know the glossary was somehow broken. maybe @sledges can say more about it?

New entries into terminology can be proposed via Forum here (link to docs:).

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