Should i update Whatsapp from the app itself?

or should i download the APK and then update?
i got a notification in whatsapp asking to update,to which i declined.

If it helps you, before i moved from Android to SailfishOS i used to download the APKs from the Webpages of the Developers (in my Case and then using the inbuild Updater.


I would say - neither of them both.
Whatsapp is a big privacy breach by itself.
Do use Signal if possible. Or Telegram.

Personally, I download the latest APK directly from whatsapp then install.

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I update it from Aurora Store.

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i’ll go with downloading the new APK and update from it since that’s what i’ve been doing with Firefox.

unfortunately Whatsapp have taken over and it has become quit impossible (in most cases)to not have to use it.

Does it even update itself? I don’t see any problems, if it works that way.

Still i personally prefer the Aurora Store way (as it is quite effortless).

i haven’t tried.i preferred asking here before braking it as i need it for work.

fortunately i only need Whatsapp and Firefox which provide the APK, so i don’t need to rely on third party app stores.

I update whattsapp from official webpage (no need to go to any appstore). I need to do it for SFOS but also for old smartphones, because play store not allows whattsapp anymore for some devices.

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