Should I downgrade Android 10-based Lineage OS before flashing SFOS?

So I got ahold of this Xperia XA2 with Lineage OS and would like to flash SFOS on it.

I thought it would be easy because the bootloader is already unlocked, but now found out that the Lineage build is already based on Android 10 - which IIRC causes troubles when trying to flash SFOS on it.

I’m a bit out of my league here and unsure of how to proceed: Should I try to downgrade Lineage OS to an Android 9-based version before trying to flash Sailfish OS? Or to a custom Android 9? Or is Lineage a different beast and Sailfish flashing should go smoothly?

I would very much appreciate an assessment of which steps to take and which to avoid here.

Edit: I am working on a Linux computer with an Ubuntu-based OS.

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I think it’s safer to flash with Emma (will fix it) to the operating system delivery state, then from there to SFOS.

Both is very easy with this manual:


Thank you - unfortunately I forgot to mention that I am working on Linux and don’t have a Windows PC at hand, hence no Emma tool.

Is there a Linux way to handle the situation?

Edit: found this via tjc, but can anybody confirm this is a reasonable way?

Oh, unfortunately I am one of the Windoof users :-)) as some like to say. I would help you, but I think you do not live in Germany near me.
Do you know anybody who works with Windows or someone who would install the Emma Tool from Sony on his Windows computer for you? Since it can be downloaded directly from Sony it is absolutely safe.

Otherwise I think there must be a Linux user who can help you somehow.


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Sidestepping the link you have found (others may be able to comment), downgrading without Emma has indeed come up here before.

If I’m not mistaken, these two links provided by users infinitely more knowledgeable than I should steer you right (adapt to your phone):

  1. Flashtool (Androxyde) method - core tool same as your link

  2. Newflasher method

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As I’ve bemoaned before, IDK why Jolla can’t just provide verified info on the ZenDesk page. It’s an Android question, sure, but also a pre-condition for supported phones.
Good luck, anyway.

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Thank you very much for the links – I will look into them!

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You can install Emma on Windows on VirtualBox and share USB with the virtual machine. I did it successfully with my XA2 a few weeks ago.

Latest Emma requires Windows 8.1 or higher.


@artur means to start a Windows program, here Emma, with wine under linux.

Here is a guide in German to this:

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Oh okay, you think Emma might work under PlayOnLinux?
That could be much easier than VirtualBox.

I’ll try and report back – thanks for the hint!

So the good thing is, I made it!

But there are no short cuts – I tried to install Emma via PlayOnLinux with various Wine Versions, but they all crashed.

In the end it was @artur 's advice that did the trick – I had to run Emma within a VirtualBox running Windows 10, enable internet, shared folders and USB - and eventually successfully downgraded Android 10-based Lineage OS to Stock Android 9.

Now I have already flashed SailfishOS on the new device – thank you all for your help!