Sharing with Nextcloud


I have two questions regarding the Nextcloud integration…

Unfortunately, I do not know how to exactly “share” files and get the corresponding link:
I have set-up the native Nextcloud integration and creating backups works like expected. I tried then in “Documents” to share a file. At first, the upload fails, but manually restarting the upload then completes the file upload. When I then look into my Nextcloud via computer, I can see that the file has been uploaded, but it is not share and consequently I do not have a link. How can I “share” the file and get the correct link to the file? I guess the upload issue is not the problem, since for Photos the upload works as expected - but still I have no link :confused:

The other issue, that I have is that I currently only find files to be shared from the “Documents” and “Pictures” apps . Is there another way to share files, e.g. from the file brower or elsewhere? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


There is the Nextcloud client app Ghostcloud on OpenRepos, which provided together with Ghostcloud additionals a share dialog, but I thing the app is partially broken since SFOS upgrade to version 3.3 or 3.4. Not sure if it will get repaired, now that we might get fully functional nextcloud integration

If you have alien dalvik (Android Runtime support) use the nextcloud android app for additional features not supported by SailfishOS (yet).

I think here are two different scopes of share at play.
One is the meaning of sharing a file with someone via Nextcloud (NC), as you describe it: Take a file, upload it and tell NC ti generate a link.

The second meaning (or rather a concept) is that of sharing on Sailfish OS: Here, sharing means passing a file (or a link/text) from one App to another. Example: Share a picture to the mail app in order to send it as an email. Another: To save a picture received as MMS, you’ll have to share it with (or rather to) the Gallery app.
Now if you share a file to the NC ‘app’ (more exactly the sharing plugin of the Nextcloud support) it will be processe like it would be in any other app. In this case it means uploading. I believe currently there’s simply no support for creating shares with a link.

In a nutshell : Sharing to Nextcloud from Sailfish is not the same as sharing a public link on Nextcloud.


Excellent analysis.

To add an additional clarification for OP, there is currently no way to create a “sharing” link for a file stored on Nextcloud, except through the NC web interface accessed via the Browser.

Thank you for that great explanation.

I see, that I expected something else, what what is currently not possible.