Sharing internet through USB-C port?

There are a couple of questions in the forum dealing the topic of using internet in your Sailfish device through an ethernet-to-USBC adapter. I was wondering: How about the opposite? Meaning: how about being able to share the internet connection of your Sailfish device through an USB connection (instead of wireless), and maybe then through an Ethernet adapter? Has anyone ever thought about this possibility or been crazy/masochistic enough to try it?

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There is this USB tethering on Xperia 10 iii
Even zendesk article, but looks like not yet working on XIII
EDIT: nope, direc85 posts in that thread that it worked for him, might be a problem if you have ipv6 only mode though


Thanks, I have seen this before, the question that remains is, if this is available in general i.e. for other Sailfish devices (X, XA, 10, 10ii…)

Yes, if you follow the commands in the zendesk article and install the extra packages you should end up with extra option to choose from when connecting usb, it doesn’t seem to be device specific (

Thanks for the article! Wasn’t aware of its existence.

Still the question that remains is, has anyone ever tried an Ethernet to USB-C adapter for this purpose (and been successful)?

I’ve never used an ethernet adapter but I’ve used plain old usb cable tethering on xa2 and xz2c when my local wifi was out.

Sharing internet via USB and via an USB-Ethernet adapter are two completely different things.
Sharing via USB means the phone acts as USB network card to the computer. See the zendesk article. btw: doesn’t work for me with an XA2
Sharing via an Ethernet adapter means that the phone needs to support that adapter in the first place and the set up the routing differently than for the USB-only variant. That is not officially supported, but IIRC you can find attempts to do so in the old forum.

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