Sharing concepts: SFOS vs. cloud account

There’s some ambiguity in the sharing features available on SFOS

I am suggesting to make a more intuitive distinction (by using different terms in UI if possible) between the sharing paradigm of SFOS and that of cloud accounts like Nextcloud.

  • Sharing in the OS context of Sailfish:
    The responsible library component is called transfer engine.
    Sharing in Sailfish is about transferring content from one app to another (e.g. share a picture from Gallery to Mail and send it)
  • Sharing in the Cloud context:
    Here sharing refers to generating a link to a file for remotely accessing it on the cloud. Upload is implicit / a requirement.

These two contexts clash at that exact moment when one wants to share a file over Nextcloud and generate a link. But what the button ‘share’ in the SFOS UI actually provides is the transfer functionality. For the case of Nextcloud this means only uploading, not generating a share link.

Since there were a few users reporting sharing to be broken because of this misunderstanding it might be helpful to make the difference more obvious. For example in the accounts configuration