Sharing concepts: SFOS vs. cloud account

There’s some ambiguity in the sharing features available on SFOS

I am suggesting to make a more intuitive distinction (by using different terms in UI if possible) between the sharing paradigm of SFOS and that of cloud accounts like Nextcloud.

  • Sharing in the OS context of Sailfish:
    The responsible library component is called transfer engine.
    Sharing in Sailfish is about transferring content from one app to another (e.g. share a picture from Gallery to Mail and send it)
  • Sharing in the Cloud context:
    Here sharing refers to generating a link to a file for remotely accessing it on the cloud. Upload is implicit / a requirement.

These two contexts clash at that exact moment when one wants to share a file over Nextcloud and generate a link. But what the button ‘share’ in the SFOS UI actually provides is the transfer functionality. For the case of Nextcloud this means only uploading, not generating a share link.

Since there were a few users reporting sharing to be broken because of this misunderstanding it might be helpful to make the difference more obvious. For example in the accounts configuration


I think ‘Share’ is quite clear when it comes to most of the apps. You share a file with someone through the different apps, like mms, email, messaging apps, etc…

Maybe the Nextcloud option could be under a title like ‘Transfer to…’ or something similar.

What is confusing is that the account settings talk about synchronizing images. The only thing that happens there is that images in Nextcloud are shown on the phone in the gallery app.

What would really be a great addition is if the Gallery app would include the option to transfer images to Nextcloud. Eg if it were possible to choose location in Nextcloud and how images are transferred, in subfolders according to mounth and year.

That would be killer Nextcloud integration.

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I can only agree with martinbook85:
What would really be a great addition is if the Gallery app would include the option to transfer imageS (not only one in a time) to a choosen location/folder in Nextcloud/CustomCloud.
That would be killer (Next)cloud integration.
And by the way, cloud integration could be added with the option to adress a custom cloud server.
(simple input p.e: Serveradress, name, pw, port, http/https, optional: folder(path))

I use a Synology NAS with DSDrive Server as cloud solution for files, unfortunatly at the moment, the Synology DsDrive didn’t appear in Cloud/Account selektion, so a konfigurable custom cloud server would be very welcome.

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