Sharing broken, will new file-sharing UI be allowed in 3rd party apps ( EA)

In 3rd party apps file sharing is broken in release, e.g. filebrowser. When you click share, an empty page opens with the message ‘Could not load page’.

The new file-sharing UI needs a new import, that has to be added (Sailfish.Share 1.0) to be able to share files.

Is this import available to be used for 3rd party apps?


I created issue for that on Github:

As I understand Pekka Vuorela’s reply, there should not be reason not to allow it… I hope that it will be allowed at the moment of 4.2 public release.

Another missing piece is missing documentation for ShareAction.


Seaprint already has a plugin published on Openrepos. That may serve as an example.

  1. this plugin invokes Seaprint so you can print the file, it’s not general file sharing
  2. I don’t think we have to build our own sharing fuctionality where there was a general one available (it’s another example of library-changes-in-upstream-how-to-react-to-developers

Thank you for the post. We have created a bug report.

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Thank you @nephros , good to know :slight_smile: I plan to update GhostCloud plugin when will have so time.

Btw, did you know more details of ShareAction API? Is there any possibility to let transfer engine know that shared file is temporary and it should be deleted after transfer? I tried to connect to “done” signal, but it is not triggered. At least with NextCloud plugin…