Share pictures from gallery to android fails

I thought this was fixed in a previous update of SFOS however I come across this issue again:

If I try to share a picture or video (from sdcard) to Android via the SF gallery app (and AlienDalvic Control Share Plugin), WhatsApp tells me that ‘this file format is not supported’. If I transfer this file to Android via Nexctloud I can share it from within the Android Nexctloud client.
So it seems that WhatsApp, or whatever Android App, cannot access the file on my Sailfish filesystem.

Is there any workaround?

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I have the same problem, but since longer. In the beginning i was using a 32 GB sd-card formatted to fat 32, then i have upgraded first to 64 GB then to 128 GB, as i could no longer use fat32 but had to switch to ext4 which is the standard formatting format of SFOS i could no longer share anything from the sd-card. Showing the error message that the file format would not be supported. One workaround is to copy the file you want to share to the android folders, then sharing is possible without any problems. Is it so difficult to make content shareable through Android using a ext4 sd-card?


I do not use WhatsApp. In Signal, Threema and Telegram I use the share function of the Android App to access pictures and videos on my SD.
In older Versions of SFOS you also needed an Android gallery app or Alien Dalvik Control but with 3.4 it works just out of the box.
WhatsApp should not be different except that it is total… But you know that. :wink:

I’m using WhatsApp regularly and I have almost no problems with sharing. I use 32 GB card, which I have formatted ( if I remember correctly). Only problem I ever have is with screenshots which are sometimes not showing when I try to share them (Refreshing mediadatabase from Utilities does not help).

Have checked it with Threema as well, doen’t work either, another error message, though. So I agree with you, it should be different.

Well sharing screenshots is not an issue for me, however they are stored on the internal memory. My sdcard is encrypted, I’d be surprised if this makes any difference.

Try to copy some pictures to internal memory. If it works your encrypted sd might be the problem.

Without Alien Dalvik Control sharing from Sailfish gallery to Android does not work for me.
But sharing files from my unencrypted sd from Android e.g. Threema, Signal directly works just fine.

Thanks for the hint, sharing from (unencrypted) internal memory works. So it’s either the encrypted filesystem on the SD, which I cannot imagine, or Android does not have access to that location.